What is Kaleidoscope?


The Hospice of Lenawee Bereavement Department understands how grief can impact a student and school community, particularly as the responsibility to meet academic goals and classroom management continues. The Kaleidoscope Program is here to assist parents, students, and school faculty members navigate these challenging experiences of grief and loss.

The Kaleidoscope program aims to partner with school systems and parents to address the needs of grieving students and create a safe environment conducive for learning. It allows for accessible grief support services to students/children and teens who cannot easily visit the Hospice of Lenawee office. This program is designed to make greater supports available to Lenawee County students, their families, and their school staff.

It is our hope, that by utilizing the resources provided below for school staff and parents, you will know that grief support is accessible and that you are not alone. In addition, we provide community bereavement support at Hospice of Lenawee at no cost to the participant.

Please feel free to contact us at 517-263-2323 for more information.

Grief Education Materials

Kaleidoscope Provides the Following Support Services:

Individual Grief Counseling

Grief Support Groups

School Grief Education Programs