"My heart is perfect because... you are inside"


The Healing Hearts Project

At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, each student created a picture on a tile that represents their grief. It was then put together in a heart formation.

The Healing Hearts Project is now hanging up in the bereavement hallway at Hospice.


Debbie Laney

It lightens their worries and lessens the heartbreak that has been weighing them down.  For some students it’s the first time they share their loss with their peers. The simple act of disclosing who they have lost can make their voice tremble and tears shed.  It’s an act of courage in facing their pain and heartache.


The Brueckner Family

Getting help as soon as possible is one of the biggest advantages to having this program in our community. I didn’t wait a week or a month, he got help as soon as I reached out. 



It just makes my day better. Specifically speaking, just seeing Lee (counselor) and knowing that I can get a small break from class to talk to someone I’m comfortable talking to about stuff that I can’t talk about around other people.

In the Media

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Children at School

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